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Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

This page as all others except the paper is going to be under construction for the next week.... Falcon
                  Better Tomorrows

I Truly Believe that we are offered several opportunities in life to be all that Jesus has wanted us to be to the world. The Better Tomorrows and Serenity Unveiled papers is a collimation (if you will) of the work of God in the lives of His people. The great stuff is there does not have to be any kind of deception, not a one of us has not sinned against God (Romans 3:23) - since all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, Jesus said I have not come for healthy, the righteous in Christ, but for the one that needs a physician. Through-out the years pieces of my own experiences in life have been shared with our readers. Did You Know?? That in the beginning days Better Tomorrows was the only one paper we set up for print on Mondays & Fridays twice a week. This was After the robbery and I slowly lost everything, You know that hardest thing to let go of was my library (pretty extensive) covered a full wall in my home. After the robbery in Kansas I moved to Omaha I just had to get away from all the negativity, in fact, I was just passing through.
Later I learned that The Lord had plans for me right here. I had wanted so bad to get to experience what life was on the reservation, Did You Know?? Tooooooooooooooo Large a percent of the homeless are people that either have mental illness, or periods of depression (On & Off), have some sort of disabling physical problems. People that have been over-taken by medical bills or poverty and then those with some kind of substance abuse problem. It has become our mission to do what we can about those figures. During my recovery (I was in a back base for three years, I has the opportunity to meet the  Redemptoist Church Centers in Kansas City Missouri that was the start of learning the Lord had for me to step away, take on something far great in His work. Many people have asked me if I hold a lot of resentment those eight men involved in the robbery, I have to say that if that had not happen I would have never started Better Tomorrows. I would have never met those Spirit filled Men & woman of God at The
Redemptorist Church. I would not have met the great readers all over the world right here on the Work Wide Web. Foremost the Lord put me in the position to share with people that in again too many cases walked away from God based on their physical conditions. Jesus has opened doors for teens that write in inspired by the stories of people in everyday lives going through what is juts the enemies schemes Saint Paul wrote about, it is our coming together in Christ.
I would have never had the opportunity to meet and work with Sister Stephanie, that in and of itself was a great experience, it is just amazing what Jesus can do.  

Each Day is A Brand New Opportunity To Be Jesus To The World...

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight. -- Proverbs 3:5,6

*** Crimes Against Children ***

A Change in The Law as it Pertains to Crimes Against Children


Shawn Hornbeck.
Have you Seen         Shawn?
Clicking The Name of each will bring up
their pictures and their information...

In the memory of -

*Steven Stayner. < (Diseased)

*Brendan Tyler Gonzalez. < (Pre-summed Diseased)

In the memory of -

*Steven Stayner. < (Diseased)

*Brendan Tyler Gonzalez. < (Pre-summed Diseased)
* Shawn Hornbeck. <(Still Missing)

<(Still Missing)

Crimes Against Children~ if you have not yet read and responded to the ~Crimes Against Children ~ National Petition, I hope you would do that now. You can reach us at Better Tomorrows @





Crimes Against Children


We Love Hearing From You
Click Here: You will be whisked off to our
Better Tomorrows


It has been one of our Missions to change the manner in which Nationally we think, deal with, and  Respond to this inconceivable crimes Against Children. We simply cannot expect this problem to either Go away or solve itself. We need to stand for those taken from our communities, our lives.
                                  Better Tomorrows 




Better Tomorrows began while I was Sister Stephanie assistant as the Spirituality Adviser for a alcohol and drug treatment facility. What is great about Better Tomorrows is we moved on to encompass the Spirituality world in 1985 the paper has taken on separate entities:
Better Tomorrows (Spirituality Papers.)

Serenity Unveiled (The recovery AA Related papers.)

Golden Nuggets (NEW!  --The short devotions including phone Text, IM's, Blog's and Email..)

We hope you like what you see and become a participant in your own spiritual growth along with us.

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You can be put on the text devotion by calling this cell number.   323-907-8212

You can be put on the IM list by emailing

You can be put be put on the Email list by sending the request to

May The Light of God's Love embrace your every day,
May you feel the Love of those you care for,
May the wind always be at your back,
May you see your dreams become a reality,
May you always, always walk with GOD.

You may have noticed we are under contruction again we will have them done soon

Favorite Quotes

Matthew 10:34 -
"Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. (The Sword of Truth, The Sword of Righteousness) Never Underestimat the Power of the Lord God through you... Matthew 10:34 -

Rememeber; You are the Light to the world ...


The More we take in more, bring home books, the better we get and managing life, Jesus will show us the world.
By the way, is you click the pic it will take you with a new window
to the Better Tomorrows paper site.


You might think it silly now, but way back when, Nicholas Jonas was just twelve I was begging Christian stations to play his music, I said this kid is going to be Big, He is going places, hehe Wow was that an understatement. I wrote them (The Jonas's) and told them I would remove the photo / link if they wanted The Two Great Cd's at the time was and still is "Dear God" and "Joy to the world a Christmas Prayer" boy these are still timeless gifts hope you get one  Oh the next year his Cd's took off and they were playing those Cd's all the time in the interim I put the Cd hook-ups on the Christian sites.   God Bless

You can order by Clicking the CD Nicholas Jonas

I have always valued the impute from readers, especially men and woman in recovery, Why.?. Because I feel as if we have come so far already, I mean, temptation on either side of us. Sometimes right in our families, some that may find joy in our falling. Regardless the struggle I believe God has given me the gift to empower His papers to make lives step into the Full Armor of God Daily, We have to deal with what is in the day right now! Because we cannot change ten minutes ago, we can't change a year ago, but we can know in the day we will strive to make our lives a beacon to those suffering and granted there are many. I would rather bring one man to the cross then anything else in this journey. We have the power to help those, right around us, make it happen today, you can do this!

Better Tomorrows
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You can sing up for text devotions by texting the request to that number listed of course we post email devotions and the papers I will list the main address presently, that address has links to everything, have any questions, concerns, Prayer requests please submit then to the Aim account @ all other mail can go to the Main account

Better Tomorrows