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Here's to You, Faithful Driven Fathers
BY: Barbara Curtis
I remember the day my dad left. He hugged me and cried, but even deep in his last embrace, I felt a chill gathering round me, whispering to my little girl’s heart: 
What would it be like not to have a father? 
The years to come provided harsh answers. Mine was not a carefree childhood. Shuffled with two brothers between foster homes and relatives and – when things worked out – my overwhelmed mother, I saw innocence give way early to a cynic’s worldview: “Don’t depend on anyone and no one will disappoint you.”
Ask the fatherless, they’ll probably agree that the loss and defenses don’t end when you grow up. Beneath the glossy, too-tight scar tissue lies too much tenderness.
Now 40-some years later, way too many share the same scars as a million kids suffer the pain of their parents’ divorce annually. Every night one quarter of our country’s children go to bed without a dad.
And while conventional wisdom may deem it better to go to bed without a dad than to listen to squabbling parents, those who’ve been there tend to see it differently.
Not long ago, I heard one 30-something mom confront another, recently separated, with this child’s eye-view: “I’d rather have had my parents stay together – even fighting – than to have my dad ripped out of our home.” Even with the hindsight to see how unsuited her parents truly were for each other, she still wished they’d stuck it out.
That flies in the face of everything divorcing parents want to believe – especially these days when fatherhood is given such short shrift. One survey found that 50 percent of divorced mothers see no value in a father’s continued contact with his children.
And yet, studies of fatherlessness tell a different story. The National Center for Health Statistics has found that children living with divorced mothers are four times more likely to need professional treatment for emotional or behavioral problems, twice as likely to repeat a grade at school, and more likely to suffer chronic asthma, frequent headaches, bedwetting, stammering or speech defects, anxiety, depression or hyperactivity.
Children growing up without dads, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, are more likely to be delinquent and twice as likely to end up in prison.
How ironic then, that in our zeal for lifestyle validation, we have, in the words of author Cathy Young, “Proclaim[ed] the fatherless household to be just another wonderful addition to the mosaic of diversity.”
I well remember the idea of the expandability of fathers being touted in the ‘70s by radical feminists such as Shulamith Freestone. What was regarded then as fringe political theory – like countless other counterculturisms – morphed in less than a generation into mainstream thought. Which goes a long way to explaining why two-thirds of today’s divorces involving children are initiated by mothers.

I was reading a message yesterday that told a grim story of the fatherhoodism in today’s society, granted we have said for years children who grow up with out a father will seek a father and is usually is someone that is full of contradiction and faults-hood, not the Heavenly one. It is like people who hurt others often they are in seek of character traits that tell them anthers insecurity. In my opinion these are one of the greatest vile a creatures that walk the planet and they are even in our churches. However there are people that cross over to the greatness of God’s power in their lives and find Serenity, Peace and Love. I meet people all the time that have over-comes great obstacles growing up and are very giving, enriching and spirit-filled people. Sometimes we have to accept that the things we cannot change will have a defining moment, after all Jesus Promises that all we need do is keep our eyes upon HIS Face. There will Serenity…Falcon Serenity Unveiled / Better Tomorrows 

“Those who follow God belong to HIS Family…..”
                                             -Matthew 12: 46-50

I have learned that as fathers is we make a mistake, maybe we are less attentive to the little ones in our lives, remember children can be very forgiving, nextly, we need to share time up-lifting our kids, Juts a Thought

Father God, Take me in Your arms and teach be Father to be what You would have me be in family, community, and life Lord. I need You to replace any old non-constructive-ness in my thinking, in my habits, in my behavior, I know its You who have healed our land before Lord and You we need to heal our land and our Lives.. Make me an example of your Love Father……..       

Any Materials accepted by Better Tomorrows in-Section the Author is listed and we might or might not be in total agreement with their opinion or description of facts they are presented however for the sole purpose of God’s people growing in Christ…… Dr. Raymond Blank

Better Tomorrows 



To Accept The Thing
I cannot Change, 
To Change the Things That I Can
And The
To Know The difference one from the other.


You might think it silly now, but way back when, Nicholas Jonas was just twelve I was begging Christian stations to play his music, I said this kid is going to be Big, He is going places, hehe Wow was that an understatement. I wrote them (The Jonas's) and told them I would remove the photo / link if they wanted The Two Great Cd's at the time was and still is "Dear God" and "Joy to the world a Christmas Prayer" boy these are still timeless gifts hope you get one  Oh the next year his Cd's took off and they were playing those Cd's all the time in the interim I put the Cd hook-ups on the Christian sites.   God Bless

You can order by Clicking the CD Nicholas Jonas

I have always valued the impute from readers, especially men and woman in recovery, Why.?. Because I feel as if we have come so far already, I mean, temptation on either side of us. Sometimes right in our families, some that may find joy in our falling. Regardless the struggle I believe God has given me the gift to empower His papers to make lives step into the Full Armor of God Daily, We have to deal with what is in the day right now! Because we cannot change ten minutes ago, we can't change a year ago, but we can know in the day we will strive to make our lives a beacon to those suffering and granted there are many. I would rather bring one man to the cross then anything else in this journey. We have the power to help those, right around us, make it happen today, you can do this!

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