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Acceptance in Recovery

Step 1.
We admitted we were powerless over our addiction - that our lives had become unmanageable.

How It Works
The fact is that most alcoholics, for reasons yet obscure, have lost the power of choice in drink. Our so-called willpower becomes practically non-existent. We are unable, at certain times, to bring into our consciousness with sufficient force the memory of the suffering and humiliation of even a week or a month ago. We are without defense against the first drink.

- A.A. Big Book, p. 24 (Substitute your own addiction for drink if your addiction is different than alcohol)
More about Step 1 in the Big Book

Acknowledgment in any area of life is the first and foremost step to a Better Tomorrow while acceptance in AA recovery is a submittal step, it is a giant jeep guilding us to enduring those things that we cannot change. We are allowed to take each step seriously implementing them into our life one day at a time. Once we realized that our disease of addiction was overpowering us, we surrendered to a Power greater than ourselves to help us understand our place in all this, we come to accept our will alone is problematic. We see what powerlessness over drugs and alcohol, really means. We received willingly the fact that the 12 Steps could help us to restore our sanity and recover all that was lost in our addiction. Acceptance facilitates our surrender to something anything better than what we have been experiencing. Positive change cannot occur without surrendering of our free will and our lives, to what very well, may save our lives. Furthermore, accepting our self as a recovering addict, or alcoholic. Only then can forward progress commence.
The first and hardest step is almost behind us where a brighter, clear sunrise exists. As we emerge from our isolation and stop resisting change, we allow ourselves to be open-minded towards new ways of living.
We come to terms with What is in our lives now, not with what was the past, The past is something we cannot redo, we have to act in the power of what we can control. What should be, is formed by our choices today. We gain hope, trust, and faith in our recovery unlike we could have, because it’s real it is in us. Our motivation build greater and greater even though we have had to make some changes our motivation fuels us to do those things that are necessary for positive change and growth to occur. Acceptance keeps us focused on our journey.
A day at a time helps us stay focused on today, Today I will stay clean and sober.
The road to recovery has now begun.
Acceptance is the dawn of a rewarding experience to come. On our journey in recovery there will arise situations that must be accepted in order for us to have a chance to make improvements. The Better we get at doing the improvements the easier the improving becomes. However stressful, burdensome or aggravating a circumstance may be, we must first accept it, for what it is, as it is, that will not be a problem because our judgments will not be harnessed with the entanglements of addiction. When one door closes another door of opportunity will open, the change will begin to transforms us. Unless we accept whatever may happen, we won't acquire the opportunity to detect a problem and achieve a resolution. Another category of acceptance that is vital to our ongoing recovery is self-acceptance we will start to see what others are seeing in us. If we are insecure with ourselves, or lack self-esteem, then positive growth would be complicated consisting of more work on our part but will be, we just need to find a strong sponsor. A sponsor is something you should acquire immediately we here have often interceded until a good Sponsor could be found with in the AA Family finding a Sponsor could help you in so many ways. Feelings of hopelessness, despair, hate, fear, shame, and guilt would overwhelm us if we were to try doing everything ourselves. If you have self esteem issues maybe checking into a treatment facility would better suite your condition. self-acceptance the spiritual segment of our program assists us to overcome our personal insecurities or hopelessness. Spirituality is where we and people like us come in, we help people learn as we have how to better become involved in building a firm foundation in a higher power than ourselves.
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Serenity Unveiled
(The Recovery Site.)


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The Teens site still under re-construction
The power of Spirituality in our recovery is essential as the twelve step program.
Spirituality is an essenctial key to our success, as has it been just as successful in rebuilding the lives of many men and woman.
Thereby allowing us to use the spiritual principles offered to help us gain self-acceptance. By relinquishing ourselves over to the care of our Higher Power, we achieve the strength and courage necessary to reclaim hope, peace, self-esteem, self-worth, self-acceptance, and the drive we need to battle the perils of the moment. By accepting God's guidance, that guiding direction allows us to grow in all areas of our lives. We obtain the opportunity for positive, productive change and growth to take permanent place in our lives. For us to enter the realm of recovery, we must accept that we have an addiction; accept that we are powerless over drugs and alcohol. We are in a place to accept those things that we cannot change; through persistence, acquire self-acceptance to re-establish confidence in ourselves.
Accept that we must surrender our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand HIM.
We must accept the situations and circumstances of the present - thereby further increasing our ability for positive change.
Henry David Thoreau, said; "I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestioned ability of a man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor." When we know better we do better, in the heart of man he wants his life to walk in/one with the creator, that is his real desire. Working these measures will pave the way for us to travel along the road to true peace, personal fulfillment, progressive recovery, and, most of all, ongoing sobriety. Acceptance is an act of will, it allows us the advantage to walk through doors of opportunity and into Life. 

These Are great CD's
Nicholas Jonas
Joy To The World
(A Christmas Prayer.)
Dear God
These are great Christmas gifts
for all the family both in and out of The Church.


You might think it silly now, but way back when, Nicholas Jonas was just twelve I was begging Christian stations to play his music, I said this kid is going to be Big, He is going places, hehe Wow was that an understatement. I wrote them (The Jonas's) and told them I would remove the photo / link if they wanted The Two Great Cd's at the time was and still is "Dear God" and "Joy to the world a Christmas Prayer" boy these are still timeless gifts hope you get one  Oh the next year his Cd's took off and they were playing those Cd's all the time in the interim I put the Cd hook-ups on the Christian sites.   God Bless

You can order by Clicking the CD Nicholas Jonas

I have always valued the impute from readers, especially men and woman in recovery, Why.?. Because I feel as if we have come so far already, I mean, temptation on either side of us. Sometimes right in our families, some that may find joy in our falling. Regardless the struggle I believe God has given me the gift to empower His papers to make lives step into the Full Armor of God Daily, We have to deal with what is in the day right now! Because we cannot change ten minutes ago, we can't change a year ago, but we can know in the day we will strive to make our lives a beacon to those suffering and granted there are many. I would rather bring one man to the cross then anything else in this journey. We have the power to help those, right around us, make it happen today, you can do this!

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